RollTex MSA

Rolltex MSA

The Rolltex Multi Servo Array is Sarclad’s state-of- the art, premier EDT offering. The MSA delivers unmatched roll texture control for surface critical strip applications such as automotive external panels

Two of the world’s leading steel suppliers have chosen Sarclad’s latest EDT roll texturing technology for their flagship plant expansions. ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel (AM/NS) has chosen the newly-launched Rolltex MSA 72 for their Cold Mill No.2 expansion in Hazira, India. Sarclad’s Rolltex MSA technology operates a Multi-Servo Array to deliver the highest levels of texturing performance. The 72-electrode MSA machine selected by AM/NS features two texture heads as shown below, each with 36 individually controlled electrodes. Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) has also selected Sarclad’s Rolltex MSA for their state-of-the-art mill investment in Sinton, Texas. The Rolltex MSA 36 features a single-sided texture head, which can be expanded to 72-electrode capacity by adding a second texture station in the future.

The ground-breaking texturing efficiency generated by MSA technology enables unrivalled accuracy, speed and consistency of surface texture on the roll and ultimately on the strip. Sarclad Rolltex MSA is the ideal choice for aluminium and steel flagship plants looking to increase volume and control of surface-critical strip into applications such as exposed automotive panels.

  • Unique texture head array design

  • All 36 electrodes in each array individually controlled

  • Electrodes work together as a team, avoiding risk of stripes or bands if one electrode fails

  • Texturing performance step change versus standard EDT :

  • sub_arrow Higher Peak Counts (RPc) +30%
    sub_arrow Better consistency +25%
    sub_arrow Faster texture times -30%
    sub_arrowLonger roll campaigns with EDC
MSA electrode texturing station
up close image MSA

Ra Range (on roll)


Roll Diameter Range


Roll Barrel Length

500 – 3000mm

Capacity (Rolls p.a. approx)

3,438 5,313 6,875 8,438 10,625

No. of Electrodes

12 24 36 48 72

Texture Time Mins: 1650 X 450 @ 2.5 Ra

80 38 27


Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Consumable Cost $ Per Roll

13.6 12.9 12.4 12.0 11.6

Full machine MSA

Capacity (Rolls p.a. approx)

3,438   5,313   6,875   8,438   10,625

Texture time mins : 1650 x 450 @ 2.5 Ra

80           0          38            0           27


Yes         Yes         Yes          Yes         No

Consumable cost $ per roll

13.6        12.9       12.4       12.0       11.6

Sarclad Rolltex MSA Brochure

Rolltex MSA